First Nation Growers Inc. has a division dedicated to the individual residential home natural garden farm grower. Our Box Garden Fresh Foods Farm Systems year-round designs are for the business entrepreneur as well as the smaller, suburban home. First Nation Growers Box Garden Fresh Food Farms is a natural, clean and green production of fresh produce greens, vegetables, fruit and herbs in a temperature-controlled state-of-the-art, cold climate, year-round, multi-use box tunnels. Each cold and hot weather Box Garden Fresh Foods Farm System comes complete with 24/7 automatic controls, computer temperature sensors, automatic opening and closing vents, with mechanized misting units and temperature controlled fans.

Entrepreneur Box Garden Fresh Foods Farm is designed for the most aggressive produce producing residential grower. It has a built-in growing area 8′ feet wide, 53′ in length, and is 10′ feet in height. It has a capacity for 12 individual types of produce. The grow units have options to be staggered between personal growth cycles, with different organic crops growing at any given time.

Residential Box Garden Fresh Food Farms; designed for the home gardener desiring to save on annual grocery bills by recreationally growing their own, natural, clean and green fresh produce or vegetables year-round. The equipment has a built-in grow area of 8′ feet wide, 24′ in length, and 10′ feet in height. It consists of 6 individual grow units that can be staggered between personal grow cycles with different organic crops growing at any one time. Home Hobby Box Garden Fresh Foods Farm; designed for the residential, home hobby, gardener, looking to have fun while saving a few dollars on fresh produce bought at the local supermarket. Our equipment allows for the recreationally growing, year-round of fresh food for family home choices and preferences. It has a built-in grow area of 8′ feet wide, 16′ in length, and 10′ feet in height. There are two individual grow units that can be fun for home use, growing 12 months a year, in cold or hot climate environments.


Some of the home use advantages to growing in high-tech Box Garden Fresh Food Farm Systems are:

  • home produced, inexpensive, enhanced, quality produce greens incredibly fresh, clean, and green, natural, pesticide-free produce
  • better tasting, nutritionally rich, quality enhanced
  • harvest induced, labour reduction by more than 93%
  • greater, healthier yields per plant per growth cycle
  • provides for a year-round, indoor optimum growth environment
  • includes cold or hot climate, indoor temperature controls


The FNGBG system is a one-stop, no maintenance, home plug-in system purchase. It maximizes home growing quality with increased growth cycle yields for maximum revenues for the residential garden farmer.  Simply use our system produces quality tasting, cold climate grown produce for healthy home consumption. This system unfolds through the engagement of modern production techniques using up-to-date technology and automation while providing low operating costs for the residential cold or hot climate, indoor gardener.