Community Economies


     Our FNG goal is to showcase and make available many 21st centuries innovative technologies, that will encompass into one “net neural” working unit.

Together, we will create Indigenous employment and economic development opportunities that address the needs of some of Canada’s most remote First Nation and Inuit communities. We will aim to create a 21st-century net positive and self-sustainable circular economies from within the Indigenous Community itself through what we call “Advance 4Seasons Agriculture Indoor Indigenous Joint Venture Community Garden Farming“, generating new-found revenue streams from within.


     The concept has the potential to not only bring solutions to Indigenous Communities across Canada and throughout the world but can also foster the emergence of proven, reliable and exportable Canadian “new-gen-net-positive” equipment and concepts for which Indigenous people can play a key role in actually showcasing these “new gen green technologies.


    Our vision is to create Indigenous employment that generates new-found revenue streams from within First Nation and Inuit communities themselves, shaping the 21st century into a circular economy that encourages cohesive, sustainable community living solutions. This goal will eventually lead toward self-government in favour of First Nations authority over First Nations citizenship.


Every Canadian citizen is entitled to live in harmony within today’s 21st century, and for Canada’s first people, that statement is — quite frankly — long overdue!