First Nation Growers LP (FNG) is a 100% Indigenous owned, state-of-the-art, year-round, indoor, climate controlled; fresh produce growing, natural Fresh Foods Garden Farm System Company. FNG’s agricultural system is operating within advanced equipment rotary hydroponic technology. FNG’s 24/7 fully automated, cold climate commercial (Community Fresh Foods Garden Farm Systems) and or residential ( residential Box Garden Farm)  growing technology use an environmentally friendly system that specially designed for year-round, indoor, cold, or hot climate organic garden, worldwide.

We offer a technically advanced and affordable, custom designed indoor growing system for natural, fresh produce, cold and hot climate growing, serving the needs of First Nation and Inuit communities across Canada. First Nation Growers LP. has a dedicated business focus to serve the comprehensive needs of Indigenous people, including our most remote First Nation and Inuit communities throughout all of Canada, addressing community nutrition concerns, by providing year-round, fresh produce growing opportunities where quality and cost are essential.

With a core staff of experienced, Indigenous professionals, along with a team approach to each First Nation and Inuit community garden farm project, FNG can offer First Nation and Inuit communities their own self-sufficient, financially viable, year-round, indoor, fresh produce growing opportunity. Working with Indigenous growing system start-ups in an inviting and balanced First Nation setting, FNG provides quality, industry service, training, and education workshop seminars, designed by Canadian’s for Canadian’s, in the best interest of year-round First Nation and Inuit community health.

First Nation Growers LP., is proud to introduce our first Indigenous pilot project, located on Wasauksing First Nation, the “Parry Island Fresh Foods Garden Market“ serving Wasauksing First Nation and all other surrounding area First Nation communities.