First Nation Growers Fresh Foods Garden Farm Systems are a perfect way to ensure that there is ongoing, consistent access to year-round, fresh produce greens. This system saves money on costly, natural, pesticide and herbicide free, fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and other Indigenous traditional medicines.

First Nation Growers Fresh Foods Garden Farm Systems are a perfect way to avoid the high costs of grocery stores and provide products for your local community garden farmer’s market. The systems cater to vegetarians and concerned healthy fresh produce customers. The Garden Farm System is perfect and affordable for both large commercial community garden farms and smaller residential use, where each system can be tailored to meet both individual and community needs.

FNG Garden Fresh Foods Farm Systems are each capable of producing over 1,000 plants per month at a fraction of the energy cost of a typical greenhouse or farms. Each unit provides the equivalent fresh produce of 1 acre of land at a portion of the time and costs of a traditional outdoor farm. Natural, tasty, nutritionally rich produce, vegetables and herbs can often be on your plate the very same day you harvest and can produce many more fresh greens than you can imagine.

Freshly grown produce will be available within the community at a fraction of the cost that Indigenous and Inuit families are being asked to pay for today.

For example, one head of lettuce shipped today to a remote community, frankly is not fresh and may be as old as 7 to 12 shipping days alone and carries a cost from $15.00 to $25.00 per head of lettuce. The same head of lettuce is grown within the community by local members for less than $1.25 per head of lettuce in production costs, regardless of Indigenous and Inuit Community remoteness, “year round.”


Fresh Produce Examples with Project Monthly Quantities (Approximate):


 Kale – 45 pounds per month  Strawberry – 110-150 pounds per month
 Yellow Beans – 55 pounds per month  Green Beans – 60 pounds per month
 Chives – 600 bunches a month  Oregano – 7 pounds every six weeks
 Basil – 60-100 pounds a month based on what type of basil  Rosemary – 65 pounds per month
 (Dwarf) Dill – 240 plants/machine per month  Coriander/Cilantro – 1 lb per month
 Kohl Rabi – 65 pounds per month  Thyme – 25 pounds per month
 Mint – 100 pounds per crop  Spinach – 100 pounds per month
 Garlic – 2 – 4 pounds a month  Parsley – 80 pounds a month
 Lettuce – 180 heads of lettuce per crop  Tomatoes – 100 pounds a month
 Green/Yellow/Red Peppers – 800 peppers per crop  Jalapeños – 5000 peppers per crop
 Green onions – 100 pounds per crop  Swiss chard – 180 heads per crop
 Radicchio – 180 plants per 2 months