First Nation Growers (FNG) promotes the improved wellbeing and general health of all people through invoking the United Nations’ reaffirmation of the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples and other non-native Canadians to include the personal use of traditional sacred medicines including medicinal Medicinal Medicines products in their lifestyle.

FNG is committed to becoming an Indigenous leader in the whole natural food and herbal industry. We strive to remain at the forefront of our native profession by adopting the latest technology and innovations available and through the education of both our staff and all consumers. With our ongoing efforts to improve the well-being and general health status of all peoples, we will adhere to well designed operating procedures and quality control measures supervised by a dedicated team of professionals and qualified staff. Emphasis will be on providing high-quality products at affordable costs coupled with excellent service and customer education and awareness. Possible outcomes include creating employment with a purpose and a noble goal to enrich lives and livelihoods and provide self-directed development of a self-sustaining community garden farming market with enhanced profitability in selling surplus produce.

A shared goal of the First Nation Growers is to help eradicate the abuse of opiates including the potent and deadly methadone, fentanyl and oxycodone and the many other harmful mainstream prescription drugs including toxic household chemicals that have created a health crisis in far too many Canadian communities today. The judicious and informed use of appropriate quantities of medical Medicinal Medicines can alleviate suffering, improve outlooks and decrease opioid dependency. Preserving the knowledge and wisdom that encircles the traditional cultivation, collection, and administration of traditional medicines and herbs is as essential as ending suffering and bringing natural relief to the people in all communities.

It may take some time for the traditional “Master Grower” to adapt to this innovative new age way to grow fresh produce, natural foods and traditional herbs that include medical Medicinal Medicines . “Master Growers” have typically grown in their own and often successful but very “traditional” manners over the years, primarily using their own established grow methods without stepping out into our “new age rotary hydroponic grow box.”

Our Rotary Gro-Towers are proudly built by a Canadian Manufacturing Company that has quietly become the world leader in the fresh foods indoor agricultural industry. Using their proprietary automated rotary hydroponics system, growing fresh produce, herbs, and medicines are possible all year round, in the cold, dry or hot climate conditions. We have a dedicated Project Support Division working closely with First Nation Growers to provide guidance and support in the development of the Indigenous indoor agriculture techniques and expertise to ensure a successful experience for First Nation and Inuit communities throughout North America.