Opiates Program

Opiate Eradication Natural Therapy Program

I fully support First Nation Growers in our shared vision to eradicate opiate and other illicit drugs in First Nation communities across Canada. As the rightful owners of this country, Indigenous peoples need dignified access to this important preventative health program more than anyone.

Dr. Wycliffe Baird
Toronto, ON, Canada

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First Nation Growers has developed our very own indigenous natural Medicine and wellness products for the treatment of opioid therapy and ailments like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, heart conditions, sleep disorders, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and alcohol addictions.

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First Nation Grower’s Opiate Program will help eradicate the opiate epidemic that is effecting our communities. We will provide dignified and affordable access to preventative health indigenous medicines and organic wellness products and services for the betterment of all peoples’ serving both our members and patients.

organic wellness

Our goal is to provide access to organic wellness using traditional approaches to medicine. In Our effort to eradicate opiate and other harmful pharmaceutical medications and their undesired side effects. we combine indigenous preventative health with natural INDUSTRIAL hemp for better living.

plant based medicine

We promote the use of traditional plant based medicines such as CBD with bear grease for arthritis, to treating opiate abuse and immune suppressed diseases, inflammation and pain, in the promotion of indigenous preventative health measures and natural, SAFE healing with cannabinoids.

phyto cannabinoid extracts

Phyto-cannabinoid extracts have natural health benefits that are much safer for your body, BRAIN , HEART, liver, kidneys and colon Than the destructiveness of western style medicines and their remedies to treat opiate abuse or any other illness.

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Unfortunately, many of the pharmaceutical options available today lead to addiction, too often leading to excessive use of over prescribed and un-prescribed pharmaceutical man-made drugs that have caused other medical conditions. Our FNG preventative health. Opiate Therapy will Treat, Heal and Eradicate our communities and family members to MINO “bImaaDIziwin” The good life.

opiate addiction eradication

Learn more, about our training programs to facilitate opiate natural therapy program, to begin to treat, heal and eradicate opiate addictions in the community.

The Healing Benefits of CBD

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