FNG guarantees that First Nation Growers is fully Indigenous owned and designed by Indigenous people for Indigenous Communities. We make sure our 21st Century living solutions begin with year-round fresh foods production within “Advanced 4Seasons Agriculture” industry.

FNG guarantees the ongoing financial successes of each “Craft Community Fresh Foods Garden Farming Market” facility that FNG joint venture partnerships’ with by providing “pre-care” and “after-care” ongoing services. This will include a 365/24/7 security growth historical monitoring system. We will secure “pre-project” letters of intent with established Produce Wholesalers to buy excess produce for distribution to global markets.

First Nation and Inuit communities wishing to venture into the Health Canada sanctioned Medicinal Medicines cultivation for medical purposes can rest assure FNG will look after personal Indigenous facility successes. A pre-project signed and certified product buying agreement with Health Canada approved licensed producers will settle to ensure great success. All joint venture agreements, application services finances, and product processing and packaging are made transparently disclosed between Indigenous personal craft community garden farming market growers and Health Canada licensed producers.