Project Pre-Care After-Care Programming


Project Pre-Care & After-Care Programming is a very serious component of every FNG Community Garden Farming Co-op Facility and most important to contributing to the continued successes of each project. Our Pre-Care & After-Care Program also allows our First Nation and or Inuit Community Fresh Foods Garden Farming Co-op growers access to our 365/24/7 fully automated control monitoring system for cold or hot climate, natural, indoor growing, exclusive only to our FNG partnership.

All facets of growth environments and production are monitored and recorded throughout each growth cycle, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with built-in alerts when growth parameters are outside of preset configurable settings. You are never alone in monitoring growth or production with an electronic, technical growth chart kept on hand and available for historical reference of each growth cycle for each product of each unit at any given time.

Our automated control system monitors every aspect of growth and operation, providing immediate, automatic alerts when growth parameters are outside of pre-configured settings. There is monitoring of cold climate or hot climate indoor room temperatures, humidity, Co2 levels, PH and TDS levels and other garden farm parameters set for water temperatures for each grow unit. This monitoring maintains the highest standard of quality, grow cycle high yields and security. Community Garden Farming Co-op Facility crop cycles are both monitored in-house, and through FNG Head Office Project Monitoring Services to ensure added project continued successes.

FNG intends to provide the best possible important, and most easily accessible informative project training, education, and development workshop seminars for each Community Garden Farming Co-op Facility project, creating added value for each community partner grower. A big part of our fresh produce education component will be the combined on-line webinars made available to each community member. We discuss the value of added nutrition to diets, cooking with fresh produce greens and why including healthy eating and foods benefit one today for tomorrow, where raw produce consumption feeds our bodies and the ongoing long-term benefits of good health.

Our pre-care & after-care project programming includes employee industry project training, workshop, and education seminar follow-up that will be mandatory to ensure project, customer client, and employee satisfaction, knowledge and continued successes. FIRST NATION GROWERS intends to support the continued success of each of our First Nations and Inuit Community Garden Farming Co-op Facility partner communities by providing pre-startup and semi-annual Head Office Facility visits that include essential informative training and industry education workshop seminars. Each employee and manager, as an integral component of our continued support for the ongoing successes of each, community growing project will be privy to quick and easy accessible industry education, knowledge, and growing understanding through innovative training, and staff development and education workshop seminars, both on-site and online.

FNG has a unique wholesale business relationship with national, industry supplier and distributor, Homegrown Hydroponics, an experienced Canadian industry leader with hydroponic supplies and distributing networks operating worldwide that we pass along to each community grow partner. FNG also has a standing working agreement with John’s Fruits, a North American Fresh Produce, Natural Foods and Fruit industry distributor leader providing fresh foods.  John’s Fruits will purchase all produce not used locally at wholesale prices and sell back items not grown in-house also at wholesale prices.

We pride ourselves in the ongoing successes of each community Fresh Foods Garden Farm project by delivering additional year-round, 24/7, one-on-one advanced support for each location and their personnel. FNG offers advanced pre-opening technical, plant, operation and facility training. This support includes growth education workshop seminars as well as automated and on-line help to ensure the success of each community project. This system will serve the needs of each community and or include several other area communities with one financially viable, sustainable, commercial Fresh Foods Garden Farm Co-op Facility. This facility is an Indigenous opportunity that is long overdue providing Indigenous Communities with one economically viable, sustainable, profitable, Community Garden Farming Co-op Facility that can service your people from within to ensure continued successes.