Benefits achieved by saving at least 2/3 of your required space to produce the same yields, saving electricity (with a 12′ table to equal the same light to plant ratio, you would need 6 HID Lamps, whereas with the 420 Model Rotary Hydroponic System you only need 4 HID Lamps). The garden is a complete plugin and grows system that includes sensors and feed system.

Each Gro-Tower is designed for electricity with adjustable diesel and solar facility operations. A Gro-Tower uses about 2.9 kW per day in total. This includes pumps, fans, sensors, feeder system, and motor (240v- 20amp 50/60 HZ). No need to build tables, wire ballasts, or acquire outside professional electrical help. Our garden towers are on wheels and can quickly move into any room or location, at any time.

It will take a little time for the traditional “Master Grower” to wrap his mind around this new age and innovative way to grow fresh produce, natural foods, and medicinal medicines. Most “Master Growers” have typically grown in their own and often successful but very “traditional” manners over the years, primarily using their own established grow methods without stepping out into our “new age rotary hydroponic grow box.”

Our state of the art, innovative, new age, Rotary Gro-Tower built proudly by a Canadian Manufacturing Company that has quietly become the global fresh foods indoor agricultural industry leader in rotary hydroponics, growing natural, fresh produce and other natural foods year round, in the cold and or hot climate conditions. We have an allocated dedicated Corporate Support Division working alongside First Nation Growers to advance Indigenous indoor Agriculture expertise, training, education and experience to First Nation and Inuit communities throughout North America.

The FNG Community Garden Farm is a “Rotary” flood and drain system. Growing plants in a rotary hydroponic garden result in uniform growth patterns thus helping make harvesting projections and scheduling more manageable for the grower.  The compression caused by rotation results in plants with more internodes (flowering sites) and better flavour profiles. Our system significantly reduces the costs associated with conventional hydroponics including facility construction, size and maintenance costs; utility costs; atmospheric, water and nutrient costs; and pest/disease control costs. Optional software modules enable monitoring of all facets of production while maintaining the highest standards of both quality and security.

Our automated control system monitors all aspects of the Garden Farming Grow System and automatically alerts when parameters are outside of configurable parameters.  Active monitoring of Room Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels and garden parameters for Water Temperature, Water Level, PH and TDS level. Available on our Model 420 line only, providing a single view of your entire operation with auto-correct features to ensure optimal settings at all times. Plants inserted into Rock-wool type cubes become secured in the “Quick Drain Trays.”  Placing the trays inside a motorized circular wheel allows the garden will revolve 24 hours a day around two center-fixed HID lamps. It takes approximately one hour for the trays to complete one revolution. There are two reservoirs supplied, one top and bottom. A pump placed in the bottom reservoir and is switched on, filling the top reservoir to the desired depth.  “Quick drain Trays” is then revolved through the nutrient/water mixture, feeding the plants.

Our rotary Gro-Towers system can be stacked 2 and 3 high for optimum space use, ensuring maximum space usage as well as quality quantity yields to satisfy facilities partners and investors as well as future community customers. Concerning trimming and general plant care, both are at a minimum using our Rotary Gro-Tower system, as you know, Medicinal Operations are highly regulated, where waste is both managed and controlled, where our system exudes minimal trimming and or plant care. Again, the compression resulting from the rotation occurs in plants with more internodes (flowering sites) and better flavour profiles, with less trimming giving result patterns of routinely higher yields. Our indoor rotary hydroponic system triples your returns, in the same growth period, of the same said strains, in comparison to traditional growing methods, using the same space, in the same said growth cycle time frame.