Our community residential or commercial, financially viable, innovative, fully automated, year round, 24/7 growth recorded and monitored, daily and historically, pesticide-herbicide free, environmentally friendly, natural, indoor, cold climate, fresh foods garden farm system is the solution. FNG will provide each First Nation and Inuit community with a business opportunity that creates jobs while improving community health and well-being. FNG will add an Indoor 4seasons Community Garden Farm initiative in communities that have a want and or need to produce their own fresh produce greens, vegetables, fruit, and other Indigenous herbs and or traditional medicines that address their own community year-round 4seasons nutritional needs.

First Nations, and Inuit communities and all Indigenous peoples have a right to eat healthy, fresh produce, year-round, regardless of their geographical locations at prices all members can afford.

Our climate controlled indoor growing technology has come of age and is very well suited for First Nations and Inuit communities.

Our fully automated, year- round, environmentally friendly, cold climate, 24/7 growth recorded, pesticide and herbicide free, indoor natural fresh foods garden farm system for every climate, including unfriendly, time limited growth environments will address the needs of both quality fresh produce, and the current high costs of natural, fresh produce currently provided to First Nations and Inuit communities.

Just as importantly, FNG will provide First Nation and Inuit communities with immediate, year round, additional nutrition streams as well as ongoing training and education through our facility and on-line workshop seminars, including hands on growing of fresh produce greens & vegetables.

FNG training and education workshop seminars will include nutritionally based dietary guidance, along with in-house fresh produce kitchen cooking workshops with fresh foods.

Our affordable, community viable, Fresh Foods Garden Farm System will also create welcomed First Nation and Inuit community employment opportunities for and from within each participating community. FNG provides a business opportunity that adds a Community Fresh Foods Produce Garden Market initiative to communities that have a need or want to produce their own nutritionally rich fresh produce, vegetables, fruit, and other Indigenous herbs and or traditional medicines, creating an opportunity to address individual community dietary needs and economics.

Our vision is to put health, quality nutrition, and economic control back into the hands of our First Nations and Inuit communities while eliminating exorbitantly high priced and to often sub-par quality associated with the delivery of year-round produce, vegetables, fruit, herbs and other fresh foods that currently exist today in too many First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada.