First Nation Growers LP., Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Dawn Tabobondung comes from exceptional Anishinabek bloodlines, with very strong, and dedicated Indigenous lineage. Dawn is a successful and battle-tested First Nation community member that has always taken pride in assisting her fellow Band members and the Anishinabek people. Her family members have always had a strong calling to help others. Dawn’s mother Joyce Tabobondung is a First Nation elder and former community and regional Chief, that is well respected throughout her community and country as a former First Nation leader. Dawn’s older brother, Warren, currently sits as Chief of Wasauksing First Nation. All family members seemingly follow the footsteps of Dawn’s Grandmother, Chief Flora Tabobondung, who was awarded the prestigious Royal Order of Canada in 1988 for her continuous contributions to the betterment of her peoples.


We mention this to show the dedication and genuine commitment of family members to contribute to the betterment of the Anishinabek people. Dawn is no different in having the same characteristics and pride in leading the FNG team to provide opportunity and assistance to her community as well as all other First Nations and Inuit community partner fresh food growers throughout Canada.

Her innovative vision and the corporate mission will provide an affordable and financially sustainable, fully automated, cold climate, four seasons indoor growing garden farm system. This system will improve year-round community nutrition, regardless of community locations.


Individuals, First Nation and Inuit communities wishing to serve their people through the development of their own year-round, indoor farmers garden producing fresh greens, herbs, and traditional medicines, will be able to do so through real development, training, and education offered by FNG.


Growing today, for a healthier tomorrow!